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Just over the Northern California border in the friendly coastal community of Brookings, Oregon, at the end of a street named “Pelican Path” awaits an experience of a lifetime.

Here the blend of Sunsets, Sand, and Surf are some of the most awesome in the world.

Here you can feel the Peace and Power of nature’s Creator as you watch the waves crashing against the rocks spraying white water and foam as they make their way to shore leaving behind tide pools full of marvelous creatures and uniquely formed pieces of driftwood, the majestic whales rising and spouting spray, the pelicans flying in formation over the rugged rock outcroppings and shoreline, and the magnificent orange sun ball dipping below the horizon casting off vivid mirages of color lingering in the darkening sky and shimmering sea.

Sitting on the bluff above this ongoing Nature Show is an Estate worthy of the most impeccable
taste and attuned senses. Designed by the Owners with every amenity and comfort as a place to call “home”, this is a miraculous place where the heart and mind find solace and tranquility.


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Brookings Oregon

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